Welcome to Bloomery Designs

Welcome to Bloomery Designs!

Thank you for shopping with us today.  All of the wood pieces are hand made and a finished product. 

The dolls are completely made to order- you can change the color of the hair, clothes, and eyes.  For an extra fee I can embroider a name on the front or back of the doll. 

The T-Shirt quilts you see on the page are a sample of the sizes available.  These quilts are already sold. However, when you purchase you are ordering that number of shirts you need for your quilt.

Keepsake Animals - I can use your clothing materials or I can provide you with some fabric in the color of your choice. 

Memory Animals and Pillows - The pictures you see are orders already sold.  These are samples of what your order will look like.  You can choose from a Bear, Bunny or Dog.  If you have another animal in mind - please let me know.  

Happy Shopping!